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Understanding the Tattoo Recovery Process

We feel you should understand tattoo aftercare and the healing process before getting inked.

Once inked, the tattooed skin needs to be treated, which then calls for proper aftercare.
The tattoo recovery cycle depends on your choices, skin type, diet, and the products you use. While this guide is supposed to help, the best insights are always provided by the tattoo artists themselves, as they get a first-hand view of your skin. Also, remember, tattoo recovery isn’t magical.

Experts Recommended Tattoo Aftercare
After a fresh tattoo, you need to adhere to the tattoo aftercare instructions given to you by the studio.

Tattoo Aftercare Instructions
The tattoo recovery process depends on a host of primary, and secondary factors. It is lengthy. It takes time. But it is certainly worth the wait. Tattoo artists are more suited to guide you through the process.

Clean Hands
You should ONLY touch the tattooed skin with clean hands, because a fresh tattoo is often a breeding place for bacterial infections. If you still can't keep your hands off the tattoo, first wash your hands for 20 seconds, wipe them with a clean cloth or clean paper towel.
Wash the Tattoo, carefully. It is important to gently wash your tattoo to remove the dead skin. Wash with lukewarm water and soap to keep infections and itching at bay.

Keep in mind that you should not wash your tattoo immediately after getting inked. The initial bandage must be kept as it is for hours, and only then should you remove it and properly wash the tattoo with soap and lukewarm water.
Note: The Lukewarm water gets rid of the plasma and residual blood from the tattoo once you remove the bandage.

Apply Ointment
You should apply ointment at multiple stages to progressively attend to the tattoo’s aftercare needs. If you want the fresh tattoo to look good forever, it is important to follow an ointment-driven healing process. Ointments, regardless of the one prescribed by the tattoo artist, should be applied periodically.

However, too much ointment isn’t good, as it might clog the pores of the skin and cause irritation. Only a very thin layer needs to be applied to keep the skin moisturized for hours at once.

Play the Waiting Game
Despite following every tattoo aftercare instruction to the letter, a new tattoo will still take time to heal. Patience is important if you want the aftercare instructions to work as desired. The tattooed area, regardless of the ointment you use, will take time to completely heal.
You should keep following the tattoo artist’s instructions, apply ointment twice a day and wear loose fitting clothes.

Follow what the Tattoo Artists Says
Tattoo artists know a lot more about tattoos, tattoo aftercare, and techniques, to ensure the tattoo is healing properly. So it's best to listen to what they suggest after a tattooing session.
Please find our aftercare instructions here
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